Andrew Fleck Child Care Services

Client Portfolio

Public Works and Government Services Canada

  • Worked with parent board in the development of a workplace day care centre – Tupper Tots Day Care Centre opened in 1994
  • Provided consultation on budget development, staffing and hiring, development of policies and procedures, board development, and marketing

Energy, Mines and Resources Canada

  • Developed needs survey
  • Prepared feasibility study on workplace day care, including work on architectural design
  • Provided general consultation on work and family issues
  • Developed a workplace day care centre – Dow’s Lake Daycare opened in 1992
  • Provided consultation on centre design and equipment, hiring and staffing, board development, design of policies and procedures, budget preparation, programme development, marketing, and general liaison with provincial licensing body and municipal government

Industry Canada

  • Developed needs survey questionnaire
  • Prepared report on feasibility of workplace day care and other options
  • Designed and operated child care information and referral service
  • Developed parent information kits for employees
  • Designed and coordinated on-site workshops

Agriculture Canada

  • Consulted on child care options
  • Designed child care needs survey
  • Reported on feasibility of workplace day care

Other clients include:

  • La Cité collégiale
  • General, Civic and Riverside Hospitals, Medical School and Research Institutions
  • Federal Court of Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • National Arts Centre
  • Nortel
  • National Research Council
  • Price-Waterhouse and Associates
  • Digital Equipment Company, and
  • Others