Andrew Fleck Child Care Services

Program Philosophy

All Andrew Fleck programs share a philosophy that is supportive of the right of every child and family to expect and receive the highest quality of child care that we can offer. Using a multidisciplinary approach which includes parents as partners, MCNS provides a quality learning - through - play environment balancing optimal individual development with experience in groups.

As Early Childhood Educators we are committed to providing a stimulating, educational, play-based curriculum to guide the children’s learning, enhance their knowledge and meet their individual developmental needs. The curriculum is designed to allow flexible, spontaneous activities based on the children’s interests, as well as, those that are planned and facilitated by our Educators. We provide a supportive environment that encourages positive social interactions and an understanding of each child’s uniqueness. We encourage the children to develop problem solving skills and an understanding of the world around them. We believe that the childcare environment should offer a program that is supportive, caring, and creative. Our program offers opportunities for growth and development in every area, while recognizing that each child as a unique individual. Parents are an integral part of our program philosophy, and we encourage families to be involved in the program as much as possible.