Andrew Fleck Child Care Services

Daily Rates

2018 FEE SCHEDULE - HOME CHILD CARE - please note: a 1.5% discount is offered on each of the daily rates below on payments made by pre-authorized payment, cheque or cash

  Daily *Bi-weekly  

A - Full Day



Infant to Preschool,
up to 10 hours

B - Half Day / Kindergarten




C - School Age



School age rates vary
depending on
hours required.

D - School Age



E - School Age



F - Full Day for School Age Child



G - Supplemental Rate



Add-on rate (eg. for long hours, or as agreed between the parents and provider).

*Fees are paid by-weekly for the following two weeks of care

Fee Subsidies

For information please visit the City of Ottawa website or contact them at 3-1-1 (select language and then #4 for childcare).


We respectfully request one month notice, but only require two weeks (10 business days) notice in writing when a child leaves the program. Please ensure that you also inform your Home Child Care Consultant and Provider.  A call to the Accounting Office will ensure that your next payment after notice period, will not be processed.

Fee Adjustments

AFCS clients will be given at least one month notice in regard to any changes or increases in our agency child care fee schedule.

Upon admission into care, your first payment is due on or before the first day of care and is pro-rated to the number of billable days in that bi-weekly billable period.  This first payment can be made by cheque, cash or credit card.
Your monthly fee will be calculated by the total number of days care as per your contract, regardless of whether your child is absent through holidays or illness. Longer hours or extra days will require an additional charge. Receipts for the fees collected the previous year are provided annually by the end of February.