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Family Time Tea

Family Time Tea

Andrew Fleck Child Care Services is happy to present to you Family Time Tea, a tasty tea that you can enjoy with your friends and family. This tea blend was chosen with assistance from the children attending one of our child care programs.

Choosing the Andrew Fleck tea blend

Why an Andrew Fleck tea?

Andrew Fleck Child Care Services has a rich history of accomplishing a lot over a cup of tea. It all started a long time ago when the sewing committee would meet to keep up with the never ending repairs to household linens and making new garments. While the committee was meeting they would naturally have tea together. In 1952, the committee purchased a silver tea and coffee service for use in the building. In 1973, on disbanding, the Committee generously donated its silver tea service to the Agency for use on festive occasions. The tea set is now displayed in a case in the Gertrude Fleck boardroom.

Why Family Time Tea?

This name was chosen because our hope is that families will spend time, over a cup of tea, having conversations about their day and enjoying each other’s company. We wanted a tea blend that could be enjoyed by both children and adults, allowing for a pause in our busy day to connect and reconnect. We anticipate that a lot of rich stories will be shared and memories created over a cup of Family Time Tea. 

The tea

Our panel of experts chose a tasty rooibos tea with apples, cinnamon and strawberries. Delicious hot or iced, caffeine free and no sugar needed.



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