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"This Caught Our Attention"

How to Save a Choking Baby in Seconds


Quality Indicators for Licensed Early Learning and Care Centres

7 questions to ask when seeking a quality licensed Early Learning and Care Centre – and what to look for in the answers.


Child's Play

Play is so important.

Saving_brains.JPGSaving Brains

The World Forum National Representative from England, Laura Henry, shared a video, "Saving Brains: A Grand Challenge," developed by Grand Challenges Canada that displays in a clever and clear way what needs to happen to ensure children's full development.  This video should be very useful for staff development, parent education, and advocacy.

languages.JPGWhen Children Speak More Than One Language

As a parent of a child who will learn two or more languages, you may have questions. This guide will give you information based on research to help you.

baby_Wants.JPG"Baby Wants"

This booklet for parents encourages them to do simple things like playing, reading and singing to help develop their young child.

Parent Engagement

These facts sheets for parents and professionals were created by the Ottawa-Vanier Best Start planning table.



Temperament: Understanding your child's unique personality

“Children’s temperament develops early in life. It is influenced by biology and experiences.”

Check out this great resource in the Encyclopedia on Child Development